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Vorlage:Internationalization template doc

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  • {{en|English translation}}
  • {{en|1=English translation with links}}
  • {{en|English translation|inline=yes}}

Result: Vorlage:En or Vorlage:En or Vorlage:En.

See also: Commons:Localization.


The above is what this template creates if the name of this page was Template:En. When transcluded, {{PAGENAME}} is used to generate the name of the language either by using Vorlage:X or a language specific template like the English one {{language}}. It's a quick way to add documentation to Vorlage:C, specifically the language ones like {{es}} and {{de}} that use {{description}}. If a translation exists in the local language, this will be placed before the English version. See {{fr}} for an example.

Only the English and the local language's documentation (if exists) show up default. Up to 8 other translations can be added (these will be in the order specified underneath the local and English translations. For example: {{internationalization template doc|de|es|fr|ja|...}}

Add the following immediately after the template; do not start a new line:

<noinclude>{{internationalization template doc}}</noinclude>

This will also categorize the template into Category:Language templates and Category:Commons-ISO_code if it exists. The latter can be changed or removed using localcat= followed by one or more completely linked category, sortkey included, such as:

<noinclude>{{internationalization template doc|localcat=[[Category:Foo|{{PAGENAME}}]][[Category:Bar|{{PAGENAME}}]]}}</noinclude>

Adding translations

There's not much to translate here. Just copy and paste the following, translate the English parts, and save. It will create a template loop, but that's ok since they'll work right when called by this template (they shouldn't be used or viewed directly). There's no /lang page to edit. The 'inline' must stay the same, the "yes" can be whatever. Vorlage:Pre2

Current translation subpages: Spezial:PrefixIndex/Template:Internationalization template doc/

See also

  • Vorlage:X - Returns the local language name of a language code.
  • {{language}} - Returns the translated language name of a language code.