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Hello Megan,

Here is Emily Evan

How are you? I´m fine. What about your hometown and Main City of Wales Cardiff? In the holidays, we arrived at the airport of Caernarfon. Now we live in Caernarfon. I’m so sad that we have left my friends and my hometown. But, it's a brilliant little city. What could be better? There are many attractions like old mysterious castles or big zoos. There are pretty seas too. You can go swimming, fishing and riding a boat. A man said that sometimes there are very big fish in the sea. But you can also enjoy your holidays at the beach. There are larges mountains and rocks. You can go climbing there. But be careful, you can fall. I like to smell the nature, because it smells fresh and natural. The people in Caernarfon speak Welsh and English. I think that the language Welsh is very different and crazy. My mum can speak Welsh very well. The food in Caernarfon is very delicious. I try everything. If you are on the castles, you have a good view of the city. What are you doing now, Megan? Are you enjoying your holidays too, like me? Have a nice day. I hope, you write me an email back. See you soon. Bye

Yours Emily


Hello Sophia: Im very happy that i write your an Email. We lived soon in Caernarfon. I’m so excited and i hope there are lots of nice things. I’m a little bit scared, but I leave my friends in my Hometown and i loved my Hometown very much and now we moved to Caernarfon. I think we can do lots of nice actracitons for example we can feed sheep or i can lie in the wonderful green gras.

I hope you answer me with an email.

See you soon

Bye Emily😉

Alina Z.

Hello Soey,

Soon I live in Cearnarfon. I like that little City. I’m worried, but all my friends are in my old hometown. In my new house is a little garden and there is a little house. I hope that I find new friends. I like the big sea, the Cinema, the Mountains in my new hometown. I must learn all days welsh. It’s very stupid. See you soon.



Hello Amelia,

How are you? I´m fine. Soon I will live in Cearnarfon. I am very excited and I am curious how it will be there for me. But I´m really sad to leave all my friends. And an other problem is the language. My new home is in Wales where the people speak Welsh. I understand only a little Welsh and dad doesn´t speak Welsh at all. That means that I also have to learn Welsh. I like the big sea there and I also like the Mountains in Cearnarfon. It look so beautiful there. There are a lot of sheep and rocks too. It´s a little but nice country. What about you? Are you enjoy your holidays too? I hope you answer me.

See you soon.

Bye Emily😊


Hello Maya,

How are you? I'm fine and soon I will live in Caernarfon. It's very bautiful there but I don't want to leave my friends. You can go to a lake or in a forest and in autumn you can see colourful trees. You can also go for a walk or just enjoy the nature. But the bad thing is that dad can't speak Welsh and mom and I have to translate it. That's so annoying! But sometimes I don't understand it either and mom has to help both of us. I learn it everyday and get better and better. And what's happening in Cardiff right now?

See you soon.

Emily :)


Hello Lisa, How are you? We will live soon in Caernarfon. I’m so nervous. I hope it’s great there, But the worst thing about moving away ,is Iwill not see my friends anymore and i can not speak the language. But I am little bit happy beacause i can see rocks and new places or meet new friends. What about you? I hope you write me an email back.

I hope I see you soon, bye

Your Emily


Hello Lisa, I am Emily Evans your best friend. How are you? And what are you doing at the moment? Everything is fine with me, expect that I am very excited because I nad my family are moving to Cearnarfon soon. I am very happy but I am also excited because they speak a different language there and me and my family are can‘t speak this. I hope we‘ll see each other again.

See you soon

Bye Emily Evans:)


Hello Tessa,

Her is Emily Evan. How are you? I’m fine. Soon we will live in Caernarfon. I don’t want to live her I want back. We went to Caernarfon because my mum got a job here, but I don’t like this country. It’s so boring. Here is a big castle, old houses and a sea. I don’t can speak welsh and you must can speak welsh when you live there. But the view is so cool. None of my friends live there. But my mum and dad love this town. But what do you do?

See you soon!

Bye Emily 😋😊


Hi Katja,

How are you? I´m not so happy. You know that we moved away and we live now in Caernarforn And I´m not happy, ebcause I dont want to laeve Cardiff. There are all of my Friends. And Caernarforn is in Wales so they are speaking Welsh and I can´t Speak Welsh! I´m not happy. And we´re doing this only for Mum, ´cause she gets a new great Job. And here are living 50 persons max. I miss you and all my other friends from Cardiff! I just want back! Tomorrow is my first day at school and I hope I will find new friends.

Have a nice day!

Bye, Emily 😙💗